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Eight Bluesy Pieces

Table of contents

Short recall about blues, notations, page 1
Description of the pieces, page 7
Bluesy piece 1, page 19
Bluesy piece 2, page 29
Bluesy piece 3, page 43
Bluesy piece 4, page 55
Bluesy piece 5, page 67
Bluesy piece 6, page 73
Bluesy piece 7, page 81
Bluesy piece 8, page 89

This work is COPYRIGHT protected; copying for any purpose other than your personal use is forbidden.

The CD includes:
the texts in PDF format,
VIVALDI software and its insructions for use,
proceeding to make moving scores VIVALDI software compatible withvarious Windows systems,

the VIVALDI files of "moved" scores,
the MIDI files got from the Vivaldi files, that you can put into some digital keyboards,
the MP3 files got from the Vivaldi files, that you can listen to in front of your piano.